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The company was founded on 15.04.1963 as a private company by Georg Buchner, an innkeeper who has also learnt the trade of brewer and maltster.

For four years, the company carried out local transport with building site HGVs.

In 1967, the first tanker lorry was bought and international transport operations were begun.

In 1977, the traffic authority authorised the company as a forwarding agent which allows forwarding activities in addition to the haulage activities.

In 1984, son Armin joined the company as a trained forwarding salesman. On 1st July 1992, the private company is re-founded as a limited company. Partners are Mr. Georg Buchner and Mr. Armin Buchner.

On 1st July 1993, the company moved to its first own piece of land in F├╝rth, Hafenstr. 41.

In 2000, branches were founded in Slovenia and Serbia.

2004: founding of a branch in Slovakia.

31.12.2022: End of all transport activities.